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  1. Thank you for this simple reminder and simple tips to assist transitions. My four kids all go to Montessori school so have grown up with time to focus on tasks in an uninterrupted work cycle as they call it. But I’ve failed to mirror that at home – and as resulted have some to regular conflict with two of my less flexible more intense kids. Your article has give. Me some ideas on how to ease that transition but also reminded me to slow things down at home and not cram
    So much into any given day… once again THANK YOU!! Bx (Perth Australia)

    • Great to hear from you Basia. It is so easy to try and cram too much into the day isn’t it? I have found slowing down really helps me personally as well.

  2. I love this article, my DD has a tough time with transitions, and I am going to try the building bridges part. It is hard in this fast world, she takes a long time to do things. She is in preK, I can only imagine how hard it will be in KG.


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